Okinawa Praise PRO - The Perfect Balance

Okinawa Scooters has been one of the initial entrants in the Indian electric scooter market. The initial models launched by Okinawa were all Lead Acid battery technology based. Praise was the scooter that made Okinawa Scooters a known name in the Indian electric scooter market.

A unprecedented range of 120 KM / Charge and a decent cruising speed of 65 KM/H made the scooter an logical replacement choice for the predominant petrol scooters such as Honda Activa, Yamaha Ray etc.

The scooters not only scored on the range and speed parameters but also was styled very sporty. With sharp edges and sleek design the scooter was a great refresher for the cheap Chinese imports which the Indian customers were exposed to till then. The scooter has some great features on the styling front such as LED day time running lights, LED headlight, digital LCD display, stylish machined brake lever (which is a first for even the matured petrol scooters), alloy wheels etc.

On the technology front the scooter has some advanced features to show off. The scooter has a default GSP enabled app which lets the rider monitor the vehicle performance and battery level. The vehicle also has remote immobilizer option, using which the vehicle can be turned off from a remote location in case of theft. The antitheft feature is an added security feature.

Though a very good electric scooter the Praise has its own draw backs. The most important and prominent drawback was that it had Lead Acid Battery. The scooter had all the drawback that a Lead Acid system has. It was heavy, it took long time to charge, it has a short life etc.

Fast forward 2019, we got Praise PRO. Praise PRO is all Praise was minus the Lead Acid Battery. Designed on the Praise platform, Praise PRO has the same styling and performance as Praise but has a 72V / 29Ah / 2.0 KwH Lithium Ion detachable battery which is capable of giving a range of 80 KM / Charge. The battery gets charged in 4 hours and is detachable which  is a great feature for the city dwellers living in high risers.

Priced competitively at par with the conventional BS6 petrol scooters, Praise PRO makes a great choice as a practical electric commute scooter for this generation.


Jaiwin Ruban