Okinawa Scooters - The Indian Green Scooter!

What if you could heal the world with a scooter?  Introducing, Okinawa E-Scooters by Okinawa Autotech Private Limited, an Indian electric two-wheeler manufacturing company with a glorious vision for a sustainable future. Gone are the days where the roads are filled with jets of black smoke. We have created a vehicle that is at par with current global e-vehicle standards. Our scooters have zero exhaust emissions.

Climate change is happening and our fuel emissions are the cause of it. Our world is almost at its brink with everyone facing the consequences. We have to start making amends. E-bikes’ emissions are far lesser per kilometer than its fossil-fuel-burning counterparts. The average energy used by an e-bike is 100 to 150 watts whereas a car uses 15,000 watts. So, this can help improve our air quality.

If you own an e-vehicle, you have the advantage of lower running cost. The electricity to charge your e-vehicle will only cost a third what you’d spend on petrol.

An e-vehicle has few moving parts compared to the petrol vehicles. You would just have to maintain the brakes, tyre, and suspension and that’s about it. No fuel injectors, starter motors, radiators or expensive exhaust systems. You can cut down a lot on the vehicle maintenance budget with an e-bike.

If you choose to recharge your e-bike with solar panels or any other renewable energy instead of grid power, you would be doing our mother nature great favor.

E-vehicles have a lower center of gravity which makes them less likely to roll over, lowering the risks of accidents.

Okinawa E-Scooters are safe, green and great to ride. For further information, visit